Typically, in the Retention stage (Upsell stage) - a lot of factors can be contributed to your customers' decision making: To continue to use, or to churn.

In my past experience, a lot of these have to do with:

1. Pricing - How expensive or how cheap the next subscription would be.

2. Value Added Services - Are there any additional supports that you guys can provide us if we sign the deal? "Can we get a dedicated CS member to support us?"

3. Tailored Roadmap/Request - Because B2B customers have specific needs, they tend to request for unique 'features' in order for them to continue to use your services.

As I mentioned above, all those factors usually are not UX-centric. Ok, #3 is related but we try not to create specific features for 1 customer.

Thanks again for sharing.



Teo, Choong Ching

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